SAA CLEAN Demilitarization and Recycling


Better recycling and recovering than incinerating

Avoiding incineration of SAA complete shots, it is possible to recycle clean and profitable components. Steel, copper, brass are easily separated and ready to recycle.

  • Mobile technology for SAA demilitarization plants. All ranges of calibers. Remote operation.
  • Own Demilitarization concept for clean components recycling.
  • Propellants separation. Inert finished components.
  • Propellants eco-friendly incineration mobile and fixed plants.
  • Production ranges up to 4,200 units/hour (7,62mm).

Our systems prioritise zero emissions and clean recovery of metals and propellants. We are committed to proactively identifying ways that we can make a difference to the community, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to health, safety and the environment.


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